Gute Nacht da draußen, wo immer ihr auch seid.
The feedback

The tweet of this week is the following:

This one really made me laugh. In eng­lish it’s “Swal­low. Get­ting feed­back in a minute.” Well, maybe it’s just me hav­ing too much sex­ual moti­vated thoughts due to read­ing too much hor­ri­ble stuff on twitter.

The real story must be some­thing like Fräulein Schnute is shocked, because she gets feed­back soon to some­thing she doesn’t tell us. Maybe some­thing con­nected to her job. But how can we pos­si­bly get just that one pic­ture, just that one story?

There’s a dif­fer­ent story within this tweet that came up in my mind first. I don’t wanna paint the whole pic­ture to you. I’m sure you can do that on your own and in more fas­ci­nat­ing colours than any­thing I could write by now.

This com­bined with the infor­ma­tion some­one bee­ing the more active part within this story should get a *feed­back* in a minute — really shocked me.

Link: Have a look at Fräulein Schnute’s beau­ti­ful web­site to find out more about her.

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