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The sinker

What guys don’t really like is being spon­ta­niously asked for giving a relia­ble ans­wer on what they’re doing at the moment. This is so because men often do not have a relia­ble ans­wer and are urged to think about one quickly. Then they will come up with any ans­wer that they could at least try to defend. They still are uncom­for­ta­ble with the situa­tion.

The whole thing gets more dif­fi­cult as guys some­ti­mes come up with crap they enjoy that they never want to defend with words:


Can you see Brian’s his­tory on that topic? Him being at home on a won­der­ful day, stay­ing in the gar­den, watching the sun and the bees and the birds and the trees, going to the toi­let, see­ing the sink, thin­king about it…

But then there’s not twit­ter but your girl­fri­end sud­denly stan­ding next to you and asks “What are you doing?”. And wit­hin a second you reco­gnize: This is not a ques­tion.

And wit­hin an hour you rea­lize: This is not my girl­fri­end any lon­ger. But hey, now I got the bathroom on my own, so this is a vic­tory somehow, don’t you think?

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